Sunday, October 9, 2011

Guinea Pigs and the MLB (Major League Baseball) Playoffs

What do guinea pigs have to do with the baseball pennant race? I don't really know what guinea pigs have to do with the MLB playoffs. I also don't know what guinea pigs have to do with auto insurance. But... have you been watching the baseball playoffs the last few days? GEICO has been running a commercial featuring three guinea pigs rowing a boat in an aquarium. Have you seen it?

Well, apparently there's more to the story. GEICO has also released a mobile app to complement the ad. The app is a game called Guinea Pig Getaway and is available for both the iPhone and Android operating systems. You can read about it here -->

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Guinea Pigs Cannot Live Solo - It's the law

Leave it to those Swiss! As guinea pig lovers, we know that guinea pigs are social animals and should always be kept with at least one companion. But in Switzerland, they have actually passed a law making this mandatory.

So, if one of your Swiss guinea pigs dies, what can you do to keep from becoming an instant criminal? Some enterprising entrepreneur has created a rent-a-pig business to fill the gaps... Read about it here:

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Monday, September 12, 2011

If your'e looking for a guinea pig in the Arizona area...

Piggy Poo guinea pig rescue in Arizona is getting a HUGE influx of piggies! I always thought that guinea pigs came into rescue organizations one or two at a time but... read this article. It really caught my eye...

Looks like they could use a little help, so if you're interested in adopting or providing donations for housing and guinea pig supplies, contact these guys. It sounds like these guys are doing an amazing rescue job!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rodents of Unusual Size

Ha ha ha! Are we in California or are we in the Fire Swamp?

Giant "guinea pig" spotted in California wastewater plant. (I guess enormous guinea pigs like that really need big guinea pig cages.) Apparently, the "little guy decided to take a little dip in the wastewater pool before it headed down to the river. (I wonder if it's living in a van "down by the river"). Read all about it here...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Guinea Pigs Give Back

Great story here in England where they are putting guinea pigs to work doing what they do best - delighting people. They're using guinea pigs in much the same way that we use PAWS dogs.

We guinea pig owners know that those who simply bring their guinea pig home from the pet store and place it on display in a guinea pig cage are missing out. To get the most out of your pet, interact with it - take it out of its cage and play with it. Guinea pigs are lovable, affectionate, extremely social creatures. And a rest home in England is using guinea pigs (as well as other animals) to lift the spirits of their residents. What animal could be better suited for this job?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

News Flash - Last 2x4 Colonial Cavy Cage GONE!!!

Just a couple hours ago, I sent out a post saying that if you needed a cavy cage, while we're vacationing in Hawaii, we still had all of our BlueStoneCommerce models in stock. Well, guess what?

Bad News: We just sold the very last 2x4 Colonial model. No more of this particular cavy cage model available until Oct. 25, 2010! (Yes, they're going that fast).

Good News: We still have the 2x4 Colonial with storage in stock. (Same as the 2x4 Colonial but with a very handy integral storage pedestal built in to the bottom level).

While we are here in Hawaii, we are working to keep your pigs happy - although working here doesn't really feel like working as you can see in this VDO:


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Is the Cavy Cage you want still in stock?

As you HAVE to know by now, BlueStoneCommerce (Nancy and Bob) are vacationing in Hawaii. And as you also should know by now (so you and your piggy would not be left without that perfect cavy cage) we stocked up on several cages before we left to be made available during our vacation.

As of this writing, we have been gone just over a week now (and no way are we ready to go back to Michigan yet).

The good news is that we still have all cavy cage models in stock. (However, two of our models only have one single cage left).

So, again - good news - our guinea pig cages are not yet completely picked over - we still have all models in stock. However, some models are running extremely low.

The other good news: We will be back in full operation on Oct. 25, 2010.

So if the particular model of cavy cage you're looking for gets sold out; we'll be up and running again in the very new future.

To paraphrase Arnold Schwarzeneggner: We'll be bock.

Want to see our helicopter ride over Kauai and also learn a little more about our vacation stock of cavy cage? <--CLICK HERE

Bob and Nancy